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Fire Control

Fire Regulations

Council has regulations pursuant to the Bush Fires Act 1954 with regard to fire control. These include specifications on firebreaks and restricted burning dates. Annually when the Rates Notices are sent out at the beginning of the financial year a copy of your annual 'Firebreak Order' is included. Extra care should be taken to retain this document as it has useful information relating to bushfire emergencies and also contains what you, as a property owner, need to do as per the Bush Fires Act 1954 to make sure your property is prepared for bushfire season. FAILURE TO COMPLY with the ‘Fire Break order’ may result in the issuing of a modified penalty from the Shire.

Burning Periods

The Restricted Burning Period will commence on Saturday, 16 September 2023, and will continue until Tuesday, 31 October 2023 and from Sunday, 18 February 2024 until Saturday, 16 March 2024 (permits required).

The Prohibited Burning Period will commence on Wednesday, 1 November 2023, and will continue until Saturday, 17 February 2024 (no burning).

2023/24 Firebreak and Burning Notice

Burning Permits

Permits are ONLY available during the restricted burning period. In order for a permit to be issued, you must ensure the following;

  • Provide sufficient running water and/or a fire fighting unit to the area that is to be burnt
  • Ensure there are adequate fire breaks surrounding the pile or area to be burnt
  • Provide enough people to attend the fire (usually a minimum of three) from lighting the fire until it is totally extinguished and cold.
  • Notify your neighbours/adjoining landowners prior to lighting the fire
  • Notify the Shire of Merredin prior to lighting the fire, during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm)
  • Notify the Department of Fire & Emergency Services prior to lighting the fire (same day)
  • Notify the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (Parks & Wildlife) if your property is within 3km of their land, prior to lighting the fire.

Please be advised that burning is not permitted on Sundays or public holidays. Permits to burn are cancelled when the FBI (Fire Behaviour Index) reaches 24 which is the ‘High’ rating.

Fire Control Officers are not obliged to issue permits and they may advise on alternatives to burning. Please remember Fire Control Officers are volunteers and their availability to issue permits may vary. Permits cannot be issued over the phone and should a Fire Control Officer refuse to issue a permit, it is a breach of the Bush Fires Act 1954 to request a permit from another Fire Control Officer.

Fire Permit Application

Before you call a Fire Control Officer, please ensure you have the following information;

  • Have your address ready
  • Have the contact numbers of the three able bodied persons that will be in attendance at all times whilst the fire is alight including contact phone number
  • What fire fighting equipment and resources will you have at the fire front and is it in good working order?
  • What is the size of burn to take place and are materials dry?
  • Are there firebreaks installed and maintained, and can a fire unit get access to the area?
  • What material are you burning? Are there any plastics, tyres, treated woods in the piles or area to be burnt? If so, remove them to a safe place. Remember that you can only burn vegetation.
  • Ensure 72 hours notice is given to the Fire Control Officer first.

Do not hesitate to contact the Ranger on (08) 9041 1611 if you require further clarification of the above information.

Apply for Burning Permit

Notice of Intention to Burn

The permit holder shall notify his/her intentions to burn to:

  1. The Shire at least 24 hours before burning is to take place (phone (08) 9041 1611) inclusive of weekends.
  2. The owner or occupier of adjoining land 

Neighbour Notification – Intention to Conduct Controlled Burning

Fire Control Officers

You can download the full list of FCO's below.

2023/24 FCO List