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Pioneer cemetery

Location: The main entrance can be accessed from Pioneer Street. Side entrances can be accessed from Dobson Avenue, Cohn Street or Boyd Street. 

Pioneer Cemetery is Merredin's oldest cemetery and it closed in 1991. It's earliest grave dates to 1912 although details on graves prior to 1920 are vague as the Shire (then the Merredin Road Board) did not look after the cemetery until that point.

Many of Merredin's colourful characters, pioneers and war veterans (Boer War, WWI, WWII and Korea) are buried in Pioneer Cemetery. The history of those buried in Pioneer Cemetery provides a glimpse into Merredin's past and what it was like to live in the early years of Western Australia when wide tracks of land were only just being opened up from the beginning of the 20th century. 

In April 2018 the cemetery was subject to vandalism and post this incident, the Shire determined that an audit of the cemetery would be carried out. Once the audit has been completed it will be loaded to this web page. The audit will include all of the known details of those buried in Pioneer Cemetery including name, surname, burial date, the condition of the grave (as of February 2019) and any known history of the individual buried there. 

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