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Welcome to the Shire of MERREDIN

Local Government Elections

Under the Local Government Act 1995 (Act), Ordinary local elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October. Council members are elected for a term of four years.

Further information regarding local government elections can be found at the following websites:

WA Electoral Commission

Department of Local Government

2023 Local Government Election 

The 2023 election sees the following positions available on Council:

  • 4 Councillors, 4-year terms.
  • 1 Councillor, 2-year term.

Candidate Information Sessions

The Shire of Merredin will be hosting a free information session about nominating to become a Councillor. The date for this information session is still to be confirmed and once confirmed will be advertised to the community.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) is also hosting a free forum for people with disability who may be interested in nominating for local government council on 7 August 2023 at 5pm. Further information and registration details can be found here.

WALGA, together with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and the WA Electoral Commission, will be hosting an Election Candidate Information Briefing webinar, on Monday, 14 August 2023 commencing at 6.00pm.

The following presenters will cover a range of topics, with the aim of preparing successful election candidates for life as an Elected Member:

  • Minister for Local Government, the Hon. David Michael – the Importance of Local Government in Western Australia.
  • WA Local Government Association President Karen Chappel – why being a Councillor is important in our communities.
  • Robert Kennedy, WA Electoral Commissioner, together with Phil Richards, Manager Election Events - on the process and key dates on running to become a Local Government Councillor in 2023.
  • WALGA Representatives, the purpose of Local Government, the role of an Elected Member, Conflicts of Interest.
  • Department of Local Government Sport & Cultural Industries – The role of DLGSC as the regulator of the Local Government Act and Regulations and key compliance provisions for Elected Members and candidates, including code of conduct requirements.

There will be opportunity for participants to engage by asking questions during the session or via email after the session. Please find the registration link for the Candidate Information webinar here. Once registered, you will receive instructions on joining the webinar.

The Shire of Merredin will have the webinar up in the Council Chambers for any members of the public wishing to take part in the webinar.

Electoral Gift Register

Information for Voters

Information for Candidates

Candidate Profiles

When is election day?

Saturday, 21 October 2023

When can someone nominate to be a candidate?

Nominations are open from Thursday, 31 August until Thursday, 7 September.

When is an election declared?

An election will be declared on Thursday, 7 September 2023 depending on if more than 5 nominations are received. If only 5 nominations are received, the nominees will be elected unopposed.

When does the poll close?

6pm on Saturday, 21 October 2023

When are votes counted?

After 6pm on Saturday, 21 October 2023

When are the election results announced?

On the evening of Saturday, 21 October 2023 or morning of Sunday, 22 October 2023, when the counting of votes has been finalised.

Where can I vote?

The election is conducted via postal voting. A ballot box will be on ground floor of the Shire of Merredin Administration Building, near the front desk, Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm and in the Council Chambers on Saturday, 21 October from 8am – 6pm.

When will I receive the voting papers?

The Western Australian Electoral Commission will commence the lodgement of election packages with Australia Post on 15 August 2023. The Shire of Merredin has opted for priority lodgement, meaning the election packages for the Shire of Merredin will have priority when being lodged with Australia Post.

What is the system for counting votes?

Optional preferential voting (OPV) will be used for the 2023 local government elections.

The Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) have released information which explains this voting system.

Who is the Returning Officer?

The Western Australian Electoral Commission has appointed the Returning Officer. The details are below:

Name: Wendy Porter

Email: LGro­_Merredin@elections.wa.gov.au

Phone: 0476 079 120

Does the Shire have wards?


What do I do if I don't receive my ballot papers?

Please call the Shire’s Governance team on 08 9041 1611 to request replacement ballot papers.

If I own multiple properties in the Shire, can I vote more than once?

No, an individual cannot vote multiple times.

Why do I have to provide a copy of my lease, tenancy agreement, etc?

Under the Local Government Act 1995 and the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 the Chief Executive Officer can make inquires to determine a person's eligibility for enrolment, including asking for a copy of a lease or tenancy agreement to support a claim for enrolment.