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Waste Management



The Shire of Merredin has introduced kerbside recycling for residences within the townsites of Merredin, Nangeenan, Hines Hill and Burracoppin. The service comprises a 240L green & yellow lidded bin serviced fortnightly. You will receive a copy of your Collection Calendar annually with your Rates Notice. Click the image below to print a copy. 

2023/24 Calendar

Zones / Collection Points

Confused by the zone descriptions? Here's a handy map you can download to help you figure out which zone you fall in:


There are 3 collection points in Merredin where you can dispose of your old mobile phone for recycling.

  • Shire Administration Building (Cnr King and Barrack Street)
  • Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre (Barrack Street)
  • Merredin Regional Community & Leisure Centre (Bates Street)

Alternatively you can pick-up a free reply paid recycling satchel at Australia Post (Barrack Street) to post back one mobile with a battery and charger at a time.  

For more information on mobile phone recycling visit MobileMuster website:


Rubbish Service

A weekly waste collection service is conducted throughout the townsites of Merredin Shire.  Collection days are as follows:

  • Merredin – Thursday
  • Burracoppin – Thursday
  • Muntadgin – Monday
  • Hines Hill – Thursday

This collection is for one bin per household per week. Bins can be provided by the Shire. Bins can also be purchased from Two Dogs Home Hardware (Ph: 9041 1078) or Avon Waste (Ph: 9641 1318).  If you wish to arrange for a second bin to be picked up, please contact the Shire on (08) 9041 1611.  A waste transfer station is provided in Muntadgin.

Please note, if you are disposing of cardboard in your kerbside recycling bin, you will need to break it down to smaller pieces to stop it from getting jammed and preventing bins from being emptied.

Landfill and Resource Recovery Site

Council manages the Merredin Landfill and Resource Recovery Site, located 5km northeast of the Merredin Townsite along Chandler Road. During 2010 the site was upgraded to provide a materials resource recovery facility, extending the site to cater for general putrescible waste for a period of approximately 25 years.

Merredin residents are issued with one tip pass each year which entitles the recipient to unlimited free access to the Chandler Road landfill site, provided that they present their identification tag on entry and that loads are sorted into their designated areas.  No tip pass, no free disposal. if your load is unsorted, you will incur the appropriate fee.  Commercial users do not have free access and will incur the appropriate fee.

The site is manned and maintained locked outside of operating hours.  The site is available for disposal of waste during the following times:

Monday to Friday

7:30am - 12:00pm

12:30pm - 3:30pm

Saturday / Sunday and Public Holidays

10:00am - 3:00pm

The Shire of Merredin does not permit scavenging of the landfill site and issues no salvage rights to any individual.  All salvage rights lie with Council and materials salvaged are used to offset the cost of operation of the disposal site.

Some items such as bikes, bricks and pallet can be purchased directly at the refuse site.  No cash is maintained at the site however EFTPOS facilities are available to effect your purchases.  Alternatively purchases can be paid for at the Shire Administration Office and goods will be released on production of a receipt.

Care should be taken when transporting loads of refuse to the landfill site to ensure that it does not blow off or fall from the vehicle being used. Infringements for littering and unsecure loading can be issued by the Ranger and local Police.  Please ensure the load is covered with a tarpaulin or similar and loads are securely tied down with ratchet straps.

Proper disposal of products ensures that the cost of operation is minimised and that the life of the site can be substantially extended.  The failure to properly dispose will incur a cost to the user.

Merredin Tip Shop

About the Merredin Tip Shop

The purpose of the Merredin Tip Shop is to encourage recycling within our community and reduce the volume of valuable items going to landfill. This tip shop will assist in building sustainable recycling practices by ensuring quality reusable items, are salvaged and recycled, therefore having a positive impact on the environment.


The Tip Shop is located next to the Gate House at the Landfill site which is located approximately 5km northeast of the Merredin townsite along Chandler-Merredin Road

Opening Times

The Tip Shop will be open daily during the Merredin Waste Site operational hours.


We accept payment via CARD ONLY.

Prices will be finalised in a few different ways:

  • Group priced items (see appropriate signage)
  • Individually priced items
  • Unmarked items, priced at the discretion of the Tip Shop operator.

A pricing guide is outlined below:

Item Price (AUD) Individual
Books/DVDs/CDs 50c
Assorted Children's Toys $1.00 upwards
Camping - sleeping, seating etc $5.00 upwards
Furniture - tables, chairs, couches $5.00 upwards
Bikes $5.00 upwards
Homewares $1.00 upwards
Decorative Items $1.00 upwards
Miscellaneous $1.00 upwards

How to donate to the tip shop

Items can be donated during regular landfill site operating hours, it is encouraged that community members bring any items that they wish to discard. These items must be safe and have the potential to hold value to other community members. The landfill site operator will approve items at their discretion after consulting the product acceptance criteria.

What we can and cannot accept

The Tip Shop can give your unwanted items a second life and save them from landfill. If it is still of fair to good quality, your trash could be someone else’s treasure.

However, there are some items that cannot be donated. Below is a guide to what items are acceptable and unacceptable at the Merredin Tip Shop.

What we CAN accept What we CANNOT accept
Furniture (outdoor and indoor) Sheets of glass/broken glass/glass tables
Bric-a-brac (picture frames, ornaments etc.) Safety-rated products (baby car seats, bike helmets etc.)
Manual tools (such as garden tools) Electrical items
Bicycles, sporting goods, camping gear Gas bottles/gas items
Clothing and accessories Plants, soil, organic items, food
Toys, games and play equipment Items containing personal data (phones, computers etc.)V
Manchester (towels, sheets, blankets etc.) Mattresses
Books, DVDs, CDs Tyres
Kitchenware Chemicals (oil, paints, hazardous household waste)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am interested in __. Do you have it?
Items will come and go with demand. It is best to come down to see what we have on offer.

Can I reserve an item for it to be picked up later?

No. The Tip Shop will run on a first come, first served basis. 

Why isn’t the Tip Shop open more frequently?

The current opening dates reflect the Shire’s need to build inventory and gauge popularity of the shop, while allowing for a larger range of items available when the shop is open. It also allows for sustainable time management for our on-site operators. It is anticipated that as we build inventory, the shop may be open more frequently. For now this is just the start and we plan develop the tip shop further in the future.

Why can’t I drop off certain items to the shop?

It is important that we comply with all Australian Safety Standards. As such, some items that do not meet these standards are unsuitable for resale. An example is a second-hand child’s cot. It may be in great condition although it will not pass Australian Safety Standards and is not suitable for resale. Some items have no resale value, for example, a heavily stained broken sofa will not sell.


For more information regarding Merredin’s Tip Shop, please contact the Shire on (08) 9041 1611 or email mp@merredin.wa.gov.au.

Disposal Fees

Disposal Fees apply for all items which are not recyclable.  Fees are set annually and are contained within Council's Annual Budget.  Tyres of any kind are not accepted at the site.

Schedule of Fees and Charges 2023/24


Disposal of asbestos product is to be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Worksafe and the Department of Environment Regulation. Detailed procedures are available from the Administration Office. 

Asbestos material can be legally disposed of within the designated area at the Shire of Merredin’s Chandler Road Landfill Site.

Disposal of asbestos product will only be permitted if the below requirements are met, appropriate disposal fees have been paid and the asbestos product is wrapped in 2um builders plastic.


$69.00 / m3 - Minimum Fee of $34.50 applicable in all cases ≤ 0.5m3


  • Asbestos material must be separated from other material for disposal where reasonably practicable;
  • Asbestos material must be wrapped in a manner that prevents asbestos fibres entering the atmosphere during transportation. Asbestos waste or material containing asbestos must be contained and sealed (double-lined or double bagged) in heavy duty plastic (black) of at least 0.2mm in thickness.
  • Wrapped and / or bagged asbestos material must be marked with the words “CAUTION ASBESTOS” in letters at least 50mm high.

All Asbestos Landfill Deliveries are to be made by appointment only by contacting the Shire of Merredin office 9041 1611.

Please note, payments to be made via EFTPOS at the Landfill Site upon disposable. 

Please complete the Disposal of Asbestos Form below and return to the Shire of Merredin.

How to Safely Dispose of Asbestos

Disposal of Asbestos Record Form

Business Debtor Details Form

Residential Green Waste

Green waste, lawn clippings and tree loppings are accepted to the site at no charge when the product is placed in the assigned area. Please note, fees and charges apply for the disposal of commercial green waste. 

Steel Waste / Car Bodies / Light Gauge Metal

Steel waste and the like is accepted at no charge providing the product can be recycled and is placed in the correct area.


Tyres of any sort WILL NOT be received at the landfill site.

Transport of Rubbish

Care should be taken when transporting loads of refuse to the waste site to ensure it does not blow off or fall from the vehicle being used. Remember that littering is an offence that attracts severe penalties.

Waste Oil

Waste oil disposal facilities are located at the Muntadgin Waste Transfer Station and at the Merredin Landfill and Resource Recovery Site.  Disposal fees apply as the State Government invoice the local authority for its collection.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

The Shire is now accepting residential Electronic Waste at the Merredin Waste Management Facility – Free of charge!

This aims to accommodate the 2024 ban on e-waste to landfill, accepting various e-waste types such as TVs, printers, computers, cables and kitchen appliances of all brands and models. Some items may not be accepted as reprocessing services are limited in the region - such as various medical electronic waste. For more information on acceptable items at this facility, please call (08) 9041 1611.

Please notify the staff on location before dropping off for record keeping and directions.


The Shire of Merredin participate in the nation-wide program called "drumMUSTER". This program provides an easy, environmentally friendly way of disposing of empty farming chemical containers across Australia.

A collection point is located at the Merredin Waste Management Facility which is free for the public.

Ongoing collection of up to 50 drums can be delivered during normal operating hours. For deliveries of more than 50 drums, the Shire of Merredin will accept only through appointment. Please contact the Shire Administration on (08) 9041 1611 to make an appointment.   

For further information, visit the drumMUSTER website at www.drummuster.org.au.


Members of the public should not put any of the above in the excavated pit. Old tanks, fencing wire and metals of all types can be recycled and may be disposed of at the recycling point. If in doubt please see our Landfill Tip Attendants or contact Shire Administration on 9041 1611.

Commercial use of Landfill

A reminder to the community that tip passes are intended to be used solely by residents for residential waste.

If a commercial business is using a resident’s tip pass for the disposal of a resident’s green waste or general household waste to reduce costs to the resident, the commercial business will be required to present written authorisation to the Landfill Operator from the resident to use their tip pass number for each individual visit.

For any further information or enquiries regarding this process, please contact emes@merredin.wa.gov.au.

Tip Pass Authorisation Form