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Merredin CBD Redevelopment

This page was last updated on 10 August, 2022 at 8.00pm

The Redevelopment of the Merredin CBD has been on Council’s agenda since 2008 and was a key priority in the 2012 – 2023 Strategic Community Plan (SCP). The project has again come into prominence in the 2020 – 2030 SCP, and based on extensive community consultation, the main areas of focus have been two major infrastructure projects. These projects are defined within the overall redevelopment staging program as Stage 1 (Pioneer Park and Merredin Town Square) and Stage 2 (Apex Park).

To complete the works, the Shire have secured $2,139,309 in funding from the Federal Government through the Building Better Regions Fund, as well as $2,192,150 through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

This project is expected to deliver great results for the Merredin economy. An independent economic study of the plans has shown:

  • The revitalisation of this area with strengthened connections and visibility from the Highway will increase the use of the CBD by 30%
  • The number of road users stopping in town is expected to increase by 11,000 people each year, spending an additional $430,000 per year in local businesses, and creating 9 new ongoing full-time jobs
  • The value of the construction and increased use of the CBD for Merredin businesses has been estimated to be $7.9 million over the next 20 years
  • During construction, the project will inject $4.2 million into the local economy over the one-year build, creating 14 full-time (FTE) direct jobs and indirectly stimulating up to 30 jobs in the broader local economy

The aim of the CBD redevelopment is to:

Provide the Merredin CBD with an individual, natural identity

Provide the community with quality infrastructure and facilities

Improve the walkability of the town and promote community connectedness 

Enhance key sight lines enticing passing tourists into the town centre

Promote Merredin as a cultural precinct and retail hub

Support economic development in the region

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park will act as a gateway into Merredin’s CBD, drawing people from Great Eastern Highway into town. Pioneer Park upgrades will have new car parking, recreation spaces, and landscaping. The current drainage will also be upgraded to a ‘living stream’ allowing gravel and mulch to be installed over the top.

Pioneer Park construction works commenced in May 2022, and are expected to be completed within 6 months.

Other Pioneer Park Information;

  • The bronze ‘Horse at Work’ sculpture will be protected during the construction works, before be moved into its new position within the park.
  • The truck pull-in bay located in front of the water tower will be shorted by 30 meters, allowing for safe access to the Pioneer Park carpark for both vehicles and pedestrians.
  • The Water Tower is not part of this Stage, and the Shire is still in discussions with the Public Transport Authority on the next steps for this iconic structure.

Town Square

Merredin Town Square is the heart of the town, and construction will commence in early 2023. The Town Square will be transformed into a large outdoor event space and a space for the community to connect and tourists to explore. Other upgrades will include a vibrant central events and play space created, along with new toilet facilities. As part of the redevelopment, the Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre will be relocated to a site that is appropriate and easily accessible to tourists. The plan for Town Square is currently being amended, and the revised version will be posted here soon.

Other Town Square Information:

  • New toilet facilities will allow for easier access from the shopping strip, and will include unisex toilets to ensure access and inclusion for all.
  • When construction on Town Square commences, a detailed traffic management plan will be in place as the Barrack Street / Bates Street intersection is temporarily closed.
  • There will be no permanent road closure of either Barrack Street or Bates Street, however, the access road between carparks at the rear of the existing Visitor Centre will be closed permanently.

Apex Park

Apex Park will transform into a multi-generational play and recreation area for families and young people, with construction to commence in early 2023.

The plan for Apex Park is currently being amended, and the revised version will be posted here soon.

Latest Updates

July 2022

Construction of Stage 1 of the CBD Project Pioneer Park kicked off in May 2022, with the creation of a new carpark. With the kerbing already in place, asphalting this month will see completion of the car park swinging off Great Eastern Highway between the Military and Railway museums.

This aspect of the project is expected to be a great opportunity to show off our outstanding local Railway and Military museums with better and safer access. Rob Endersbee, the enthusiastic owner and curator of the Military Museum, says he is pleased to see the progress on the carpark and upgrade of Pioneer Park. With over 200 visitors a month, the new carpark will make it much safer for visitors to visit the museum and not have to reverse out on to a busy highway.

The Railway Museum also tells an important story of local history and buildings. Its Chairperson Jane Patroni says it’s exciting to see the development moving ahead and that they are awaiting the completion of Pioneer park with interest. Other aspects of Pioneer Park that will be upgraded include new lighting, recreation spaces and landscaping. The current drainage will also be upgraded to a ‘living stream’ allowing gravel and mulch to be installed over the top.

The bronze ‘Horse at Work’ sculpture will also be returned to the park in a new position once construction is completed, which is projected to be October 2022.

The detailed designs for both the Town Square and Apex Park are now in progress after a Tender was awarded in April. These designs will incorporate feedback from the community, and will also include a number of exciting upgrades! 

The construction tenders are expected to be advertised in November 2022 and awarded in January 2023. This will allow for construction of both Apex Park and Town Square to commence in February 2023. 

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