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Area & Road Closures

As part of the ongoing Merredin CBD Redevelopment, the revitalisation of Apex Park and the Town Centre is set to commence 05/02/2024. These works will include the creation of an all ages play space at Apex Park and a community and event space within the Town Centre. These works will take approximately 6 months to complete and during this time Apex Park and the Town Centre will be closed to the public to allow the construction works to be undertaken safely. The image below shows the site boundary for Apex Park, there will be no public access within the site during the construction works.

Figure 1 Apex Park Closures

The revitalisation works associated with the Town Centre will include the intersection of Barrack and Bates St, which will necessitate the closure of this intersection. The works have been staged so that the intersection works will be completed first and be opened back up as soon as possible to limit the disruption the community as much as possible. The intersection in anticipated to be closed from mid/late February, with further information regarding re-opening dates to be confirmed once construction has commenced. During this time traffic management will be in place, with appropriate directional signage. The intersection area can be identified in orange within the below image, with the Town Centre identified in red.

Figure 2 Town Centre Closures

Disruption Summary:

The below table summarises the closure dates for each area affected by the revitalisation works. Please refer to the below table in conjunction with Figure 1 and Figure 2 above.


Closure Dates

Barrack & Bates Intersection (Area 1)

8 June 2024 for approx. 8 weeks

Town Centre (Area 2)

05/03/2024 – 31/07/2024

Apex Park (Area 3)

05/02/2024 – 28/06/2024


Throughout the duration of the works, pedestrian access will be maintained around the site as well as across the Pioneer Park pedestrian railway crossing. Directional signage will be in place to direct pedestrians safely around the site, and wherever possible, existing footpaths will be kept open.

The public toilets within Apex Park and the Town Centre will also be closed from the commencement of the revitalisation works (05/02/2024). During the construction period a temporary toilet facility will be provided in close proximity to the Town Centre site.

The Shire understands that the closure of these areas and the associated community amenities is inconvenient, however asks for the community’s patience during this time so that the works can be completed safely and effectively.

For more information or to discuss any concerns, please contact the Shire, on (08) 9041 1611 or email admin@merredin.wa.gov.au.

* Please note, all dates contained within this notice are approximations only, and as such are subject to change.