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Welcome to the Shire of MERREDIN


You can find more information on our community engagement initiatives here. We use the #YourSayMerredin on our social media to indicate when we are accepting public feedback. We have a ‘Community Engagement Framework and Toolkit’ that we use in instances of formal community engagement, or when we want to gather feedback from a large group of people. We also address aspects of our community engagement approach in our Strategic Community Plan that you can read here.

If you would like us to formally engage in community feedback on an issue, or have suggestions on how we can improve our community feedback processes, please call us on 9041 1611.


With the economic impacts of COVID-19, the announcement of store and other business closures, 2020 presents a unique opportunity for the Shire of Merredin to reset its vision.

What will Merredin look like to you in 2030?

Come along to one of our sessions and be a part of this review. Have your say about how the Shire and community can work together to respond to the major issues impacting our town and its surrounds.


Filing a report with your local Shire has never been easier...

You can help Merredin stay safe by alerting the Shire of any issues arising in the community as they happen! Snap Send Solve is a free app that allows you to quickly and easily report issues and provide feedback to local council and Shire. It only takes 30 seconds and a push of a button!