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Published on Monday, 18 May 2020 at 1:36:11 PM

At its Council Meeting in February 2016, Council resolved to no longer permit the collection of firewood from any land under management authority or owned by the Shire of Merredin.

As a result, the Shire no longer issues permits for the collection of wood.

Wood collection is only made available by the Shire when vegetation is legally cleared (i.e. via roadworks or having come down in a storm on a road, and are needing to be cleared). In this instance, the community is always notified.

The Shire would like to remind community members to please not take any wood from road verges, reserves or any other land controlled by the Shire of Merredin as this activity is illegal and the Shire will issue infringements to those caught doing so.

The Shire thanks community members for their cooperation on this matter.