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Published on Friday, 7 October 2022 at 5:04:05 PM

This information is to provide clarification on the minor changes to the Merredin Landfill Fees & Charges this year, why these changes have occurred, and how they are being implemented.

Background Information

In the Shires Strategic Community Plan 2020 – 2030, there is a strong focus on environment and sustainability, with service objectives including reducing waste though increased recycling. As such, the Shire has been actively investigating ways to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint and seeking opportunities to reuse and recycle in an effort to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill.

In the 2022/23 year, the Shire has two new strategies it is implementing. One of these is the establishment of a community tip shop. The second strategy that has been implemented relates to the Shire’s Fees & Charges which have been amended to include a number of new waste types to encourage the separation of different waste items and aid in recycling.

What does this mean for residents?

Unsorted waste will now incur a fee, compared to separated waste, as we hope this will mean less items go into landfill. With this in mind, all items that are suitable to be used at the tip shop will be taken free of charge.

Residents with current tip passes will still be able to dispose of up to one cubic meter of green waste or general household waste per visit free of charge.

For residential tip pass purposes, general household waste includes household appliances, white goods, bikes, wheelchairs and small furniture (less than one cubic meter).

Mattresses, however, will incur a separate fee due to their large size and difficulty in recycling them.

The Shire is asking for the community’s support to help us reduce the amount going to landfill, by separating green and general household waste where possible, and disposing of large items as directed by the Landfill Operator at the entrance to the Merredin Landfill Facility.

Commercial Use of Landfill

A reminder to the community that tip passes are intended to be used solely by residents for residential waste.

The unauthorised use of tip passes by commercial businesses means that residents are subsidising the costs associated with the management of commercial waste for these businesses.

When a commercial business is using a resident’s tip pass for the disposal of a resident’s green waste or general household waste to reduce costs to the resident, the commercial business will be required to present written authorisation to the Landfill Operator from the resident to use their tip pass number for each individual visit.

We appreciate your continued support as we strive to improve our current waste management practices and services, and reduce our overall environmental footprint.  

To see a list of the current applicable fees, please refer to the attached document for the 2022/23 Merredin Landfill Fees & Charges or refer the Shire of Merredin website.

For further information, please contact Lindon Mellor, Executive Manager Engineering Services, on (08) 9041 1611, or email emes@merredin.wa.gov.au.


Lisa Clack