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Published: Thursday, 2 May 2019 at 4:22:06 PM

On 7 February 2019 a media statement was issued on the Shire of Merredin’s Facebook page that advised that the community garden had recently come back into the hands of the Shire. This occurred due to community interest in the garden falling away and post this occurrence a grant of $4,000 for the garden was successfully attained from Collgar. Within the media statement the Shire called for expressions of interest to assist in redeveloping the garden.

Since this media statement was issued the Shire has received a handful of expressions of interest for the garden. The Shire then held a meeting at the community garden on 21 March 2019. The outcome of this meeting was that community members would like to see a committee formed that will allow the garden to continue and further develop.

Post this meeting a survey was undertaken by community members at the Merredin Show to obtain further information about community interest for the garden. 16 surveys were filled out and of these surveys only 3 indicated that they would be willing to be involved on a light duties basis only.

Historically the Shire’s contribution to the garden has been to provide water for the plants and the land on which the garden exists. As this is a community project the Shire can only do so much to initiate the development of the garden. It needs a group of active community members to activate the space.

Given that there has been only a limited number of volunteers apply to take on the running of the garden then at this point the reactivation of Merredin’s community garden is in doubt. Unfortunately without a driving force to determine the direction for the community garden the matter at this point will be referred back to Council with a recommendation to redevelop the site.

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