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Published on Thursday, 20 July 2023 at 4:09:06 PM

There are currently a number of beehives and swarms in the vicinity of Duff Street, Bates Street, Colin Street, Railway Ave, and Todd Street (along Great East Highway). We understand that this may cause some concern, but we want to assure you that we are actively addressing the issue.
Moving the hives at this time of year poses a significant threat to the bees' well-being and it may kill them if we try to do so. However, we are planning to relocate them to safer locations as soon as weather conditions permit.
In the meantime, we kindly request that you avoid the bees' flight path into and out of the hives. By doing so, we can minimise any potential disturbances and maintain a safe environment for both the bees and the community.
If you or someone you know falls into the category of vulnerable individuals, we recommend seeking alternative routes during this period.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time and will provide further updates as the situation progresses.

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