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Auspire Citizen of the Year Awards

Published on Monday, 7 February 2022 at 9:20:36 AM

On the morning of Wednesday, 26 January 2022, the community gathered at the Merredin Community Resource Centre (CRC) for the Australia Day Breakfast, where the Shire awarded the 2022 Auspire Community Citizen of the Year awards.

Shire President Mark McKenzie was called to the stage at 9.30am for the awards presentation. He began by thanking the Merredin CRC staff and volunteers for organising the event, and then spoke about the importance of Australia Day. “It is an opportunity for all Australians to come together as a nation to reflect, respect and celebrate. Reflect on our history and its highs and lows, respect the stories of others, and celebrate our nation, its achievements and most of all, its people,” he said.

Councillor McKenzie then read out the nominations for the following categories;

Citizen of the Year; Chesney Maloney, Kristy Sharp, and Tyler
Senior Citizen of the Year; Jane Patroni and Margaret Dalton
Young Citizen of the Year; Alan Pryce and Maddie Earle-Sadler
Active Citizenship; Merredin Youth Committee and Petticoat Lane Op Shop.


Citizen of the Year - Tyler Winter

Tyler is an exemplary member of the Merredin community who is consistently giving his time to many initiatives since arriving in Merredin. He has been heavily involved in the recommencement of the Merredin Blue Light Unit and in addition to the hours he commits through his work, he has also committed a large number of volunteer hours. Tyler has been imperative in the formulation of the Merredin Youth Committee and is involved in both the St John volunteer ambulance and Merredin VFRS.

Senior Citizen of the Year - Jane Patroni

Jane is a committed St John Ambulance volunteer and Chairperson of the Merredin Railway Museum. She is proactive in hosting events to encourage volunteers and involve ex railway workers. Her community involvement also extends to the Catholic Church Parish and the Merredin CRC Committee. Jane demonstrates active Citizenship by not only being involved in the community herself, but also by being inclusive and encouraging others to be engaged in community projects.


Youth Citizen of the Year - Maddie Earle-Sadler

Maddie is Merredin’s local youth worker, and since starting in the role in April last year, Maddie has already achieved an incredible amount and has built the Youth Centre up to be an inviting and positive place for our youth to attend. She has organised many programs, giving young people opportunities to build skills, self-worth and develop friendships. Maddie is also a member of the Community Suicide Prevention Group, is a part of the Merredin Blue Light Ball committee and volunteers her time for Eastern Districts Hockey Association.

Active Citizenship - Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane is a not-for-profit community kitchen and op-shop run by a small group of volunteers. They provide emergency packs for the homeless, knit beanies for premature babies and run a community kitchen that offer free meals to the vulnerable. At times they have provided over 80 hot and nutritious meals to people in need in the Merredin area.  There are many people in Merredin in need of a decent meal, connection with others and care and the volunteers of the Petticoat Lane Community Kitchen provide this on a weekly basis.


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