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What plans and forms do I need to submit with a building licence application?

  • Shire of Merredin Building Licence Application form. ALL relevant sections of the form must be completed.

  • All plans to be in ink and drawn using a straight edge rule.

  • Three copies of a site plan drawn to a scale of not less than 1:200

  • Three copies of working drawings of the dwelling drawn to a scale of not less than 1:100, which should include:
    • Floor plan of every story
    • Elevations (view of every face of building)
    • Al least one sectional drawing
  • Standard of submitted plans – plans for single residential dwellings, or extensions to such of value in excess of $20,000 must be drawn to AT LEAST a draftsperson standard. Hand-drawn plans will generally not be accepted for single residential dwelling buildings.

  • Engineering Details - two copies of engineer design footing details or details certified to be in accordance with Australian Standard (AS) 2870 - Residential Slabs and Footings – Construction. Engineer certification may also be required where the design of the dwelling/building incorporates large trusses, large rooms which require strutted beams, bulkheads, corner windows and/or large openings.

  • Materials - two copies of specifications with a completed addendum indicating the types of materials proposed to be used.

  • Termite Treatment - submissions to the Shire of Merredin for the construction of new dwellings or additions must be accompanied by a certified Termite Treatment System in accordance with AS3660.

  • Home Indemnity Insurance – an original copy of the Home Indemnity Insurance certificate is required when making an application for a Dwelling or Dwelling Addition exceeding $20,000 estimated construction value. Owner/Builders have special conditions regarding Home Indemnity Insurance which are identified on the Owner/Builder Statutory Declaration.

  • Owner/Builder - owner/s wishing to construct a dwelling or dwelling addition as Owner/Builder exceeding $12,000 in estimated construction value must register with the Builders Registration Board and pay the application fee of a $126.00. To do this ALL owners must complete separate Statutory Declarations with an appropriate witness. For additional information regarding Owner/Builder please contact the Builders Registration Board on 9476 1200.

  • Energy Efficiency – all new dwellings and habitable additions to existing dwellings must comply with Part 3.12 of the Building Code of Australia 2006. A check sheet is available from the building surveyor to assist in the compliance with the requirements for Zone 4.

  • For commercial buildings details relating to fire safety, fire fighting equipment, smoke detection, access and egress, exit signage, external wall and firewall construction etc must be included in the application.
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