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Welcome to the Shire of MERREDIN


The Merredin Strategic Community Plan (SCP) 2018 – 2028 is due for a minor strategic review. This review is occurring in extraordinary circumstances as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged at the time the review was about to commence. The Shire of Merredin, like all local governments in Western Australia, swung into action to respond to the crisis.

In response, Council recognises three phases moving forward. The first phase is to reset the Shire's vision. The second phase is the recovery phase. There may be some irrecoverable losses, but there will also be positive changes. This period will be focused on everything getting back on its feet. The third phase is the regeneration phase. There will be new ideas and opportunities. This period will see resilient communities create new pathways and thrive. 

The revised SCP will be an overarching plan, incorporating all three phases, within a holistic and integrated approach to the whole of the Shire’s activities. This process has become a major strategic review to meet the challenges and opportunities now apparent.


The Program is now closed.