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Handprint Lamb Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is a cute and easy handprint craft suitable for preschool and kindergarten children -- it's one of those old standards I'm sure most of us remember making as children.

It goes well with a farm (animals) theme, letter L theme, March weather (lion/lamb) theme or a Bible theme.


  • black construction paper (or grey)
  • glue,
  • white pencil crayon or a silver marker
  • cotton balls.
  • Optional:  scissors.
  • Optional:  wiggly eyes


  1. Place your hand on the black (or grey) construction paper.
    Your fingers should be slightly spread but the thumb should be out as far as possible.

    • Trace your handprint - fingers are legs and thumb is head.
    • Glue cotton balls all over the handprint but leave the tips of the fingers and thumb cotton free.
    • Glue small wiggly eyes onto the head (tip of thumb) or use pencil crayon.
    • Use a white pencil crayon or silver marker to add a smile.