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Gifts and Travel Contributions

Amendments to the Local Government Act 1995 and subsidiary legislation requires local government to disclose information on Councillors and staff in regards to gifts and travel contributions.

Rather than declaring gifts and travel contributions in an annual return, Councillors and designated employees are now required to declare gifts and travel contributions within 10 days of receipt. The Chief Executive Officer is required to make this information available on the local government’s official website.

To view a copy of Shire of Merredin 'Gifts & Travel Register' click here. The table in the document provides information on gifts and travel contributions declared. If gifts or travel contributions have not been declared, the information will not appear on the table.

The Register was last updated 21 November 2018.

Previous Councillor and Designated Employee Gifts and Travel Contributions 

To view the previous Councillor and Designated Employee Gifts and Travel Contributions click here.