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Mother's Day Activities

Expanding Hug Card


  • A sheet of paper – we used standard A4 printer paper.
  • A grey lead pencil and eraser
  • Markers or coloured pencils to colour in.
  • A black fine liner – optional.


Step 1:
Start with your blank piece of paper with the widest side to the top and bottom.

Step 2:
Fold each side of your paper into the middle.

Step 3:
Then fold each of those middle flaps in half, back to the outside edge.

Step 4:
Now you are ready to draw.

You need to draw something that has a long thin body which goes in the centre of the paper between the two folds, and something that has arms that can stick out to the sides.



  • 3 sheets of coloured paper 
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Markers or coloured pencils


Step 1:
First fold over your card stock in half.

Step 2:
Now trace your child’s hand as shown below, so that the wrist is on the fold side (when cut out you’ll get a mirrored hand).

Step 3:
Now add an antennae and cut out your butterfly!

Step 4:
With a different colored paper, cut out a body and head and glue to the outside of the butterfly. Glue on some googly eyes if you have them or just draw them on.

Step 5:
Now draw on the mouth.

Step 6:
Decorate the handprint wings. We have made these cards with pom poms as shown and also with fingerprint painted spots. You could also do rhinestones, craft foam or any other craft decoration for the wings.

Step 7:
To make one for Grandma, trace out a Mom or Dad handprint to add to the back of the child’s handprint. Grandma will love to receive this card from both of you!

Step 8: You can add the Mother’s Day handprint poem inside or simply write a nice Mother’s Day message.

Flower Pot Handprint

Print out this template and finish with handprint flowers for Mum. 


Egg Carton Flowers


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Egg Carton (not foam)
  • Paper Straw
  • Pom Poms
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush


Step 1:
First you’ll have an adult cut out four containers out of the egg carton. Trim around the edges so that it gives it a rounder shape for the petals of the flower.

Step 2:
After the paint’s dried you can attach the stem of the flower by gluing it to the back. We used a paper straw so that it was thick enough to hold up the egg carton, if you use something like a pipe cleaner it will just bend.

Step 3:

Next choose a coloured pompom and glue that to the centre of the painted egg carton.

Be Part of the Shire's Mother's Day Video!

Mother's Day is just around the corner…and you know what that means! It’s time to showcase some of the Shire of Merredin’s best mums and grandmothers!

The Shire are putting together a special Mother’s Day video to share across our social media with messages from families in the community.

Would you like to submit a recording for the video?

Answer the question “My favourite thing about my mum is” and submit before Friday 8th May 2020.

Video’s must adhere to the following conditions:
- Filmed in landscape position
- No longer than 10-15 seconds
- Email to media@merredin.wa.gov.au with the subject Mother’s Day Video Submission
- If videos are too large, please transfer through WeTransfer to media@merredin.wa.gov.au

If you have any questions about the video, please contact the Shire on 9041 1611.