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CBD Redevelopment FAQ

Some very good questions have been raised through comments by community members regarding the CBD Redevelopment Plans, and here are answers to the key points raised.


The CBD will become an area that is friendly to people whilst still allowing traffic to pass through and park without congestion. It will also be, as it should be now, a slower speed area for traffic. There is provision for bollards to be installed at the Barrack/Bates Street intersection to block the area off for large community events such as Gala Night and Christmas Carols. There will be a dedicated performance space in that area to provide for events such as outdoor concerts etc.


The Town Centre proposal includes a playground targeted to the early years age group. Apex Park will remain where it is and in accordance with Council commitment to the park, redevelopment plans are currently being developed incorporating the results of previous community engagement.


The Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre will be removed from its current site, and the future location is yet to be decided, but it is most likely that it will remain in the CBD.


Yes, the drainage in the car parks will be fixed. People may have noticed that after the recent heavy rain, the water was removed faster than previously. It has been pumped into an adjacent drainage system while we investigate the problem. A contractor will shortly do a video inspection of the pipe system and clear blockages as part of this investigative process.


Toilets will remain in the CBD and will be modernised, self-cleaning facilities replacing the high maintenance, vandal prone current facility.


Every monthly Shire Newsletter is jam packed with events run by the Shire, community groups and organisations. We are committed to seeing an active program of events developed within the Shire and will always work cooperatively with event organisers who approach us regarding an event idea. The CBD upgrade will incorporate quality events spaces both for Shire and community use and ensure that events will continue to grow within our Shire.

If an individual or group is thinking of organising an event that is not currently catered for, they should start with our page Event Guidelines for information regarding how to proceed with an Event Application.


The CBD Redevelopment is subject to the approval of a Federal Grant Application due to be announced in June/July 2021.

Mark Dacombe
Temporary Chief Executive Officer