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Published on Monday, 15 February 2021 at 10:23:37 AM

Cemetery Upgrades

The Shire have been successful in securing two grants to assist with upgrades to the Merredin Cemetery. These grants include the Community Water Supply Project from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation for $85,874, and the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Federal Funding Program for $107,000. Council contribution to this project is $47,160.

The upgrades to the cemetery include new laneways, an upgrade to the exterior boundary fence, and a new front entrance. The Shire will also be resealing existing laneways.

The Community Water Supply grant will include bringing water to the cemetery for upkeep purposes, removing it from the local scheme water

Coverguard on Dams

As part of the Community Water Supply Project, the Shire will also be applying a polymer to Dams 1 and 2 to reduce evaporation. In total there will be three applications, three weeks apart. We will be monitoring how effective the Coverguard is over the next nine weeks.

Upgrade and Revitalisation of Southern Entrance into Merredin

The upgrades to South Avenue are also part of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Federal Funding Program  which is providing $282,000 to this project. The upgrades will be rolled out in two stages;

Stage 1 will be completed in 2021 and includes replacing kerbing on the island, removing 140 trees, and planting 340 new trees. There will also be 440m of new footpaths.

Stage 2 includes repairing surface defects and resealing the road. Main Roads WA is responsible for 10km of carriageway, while the Shire is responsible for 4km, and this will be done at the same time as the Main Roads works. There will also be rekerbing of both edges of the carriageway, with the project to be completed in the 2022 financial year.

Merredin Peak Toilets

Also part of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Federal Funding Program,  $20,600 has been allocated to the upgrade of the Merredin Peak toilets. These upgrades include installing a septic system, including the installation of a tank for water. The Shire will be maintaining the toilets and filling the tank when required.

Secondary Freight Route

The Shire have secured approximately 5 million dollars over five years through the Secondary Freight Route Network funding model for the maintenance of the Merredin—Narembeen Road. $1.5 million of that funding is for this year, which will see 7km of the south end of the Merredin-Narembeen Road repaired to fix failures.

Footpath program

The 2020/21 footpath program includes works on South Avenue, Cohn Street, Hay Street, Throssell Road and Woolgar Avenue

Resealing program

Included in the resealing program this year is 3km of Nukarni West Road, 3.1km of Nukarni East Road and 3km of Burracoppin South Road.




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