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DIY Easter Bunny Competition

Published on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 at 1:28:48 PM

As part of the Easter festivities in Merredin, the Shire ran a DIY Easter Bunny Competition until the 9th of April. The competition was to make an outdoor Easter Bunny decoration using materials found around home or in the back yard. Families from around the Shire eagerly used their time in isolation to create projects using materials such as tyres, cardboard, tin, paper, and even shoes, to create their competition entries! Colourful creations of all shapes and sizes lined the streets of Merredin leading into Easter, with everyone in the running to win a fantastic prize.

The winner of the competition was personally chosen by the Easter Bunny, who had received a special egg-semption to enter WA and deliver Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny hopped around Merredin searching for a winner on Saturday April 11th at night, notifying Shire President Julie Flockart who then made an announcement on Easter Sunday stating that the winner of the competition was Lisa Sandercock and family, while the runner up was Renee Purssell and family.

Congratulations to all entrants who took the time to make their very own DIY Bunny project. We can’t wait to see what everyone creates next year!



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