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Published: Tuesday, 9 October 2018 at 11:30:24 AM

In today’s fast paced society it’s not unusual to change your job every couple of years. In fact the average Aussie works over 17 different jobs in their lifetime currently. 

Graham “Motzie” Motzel however, is a man who has gone against the trend. Wednesday, 12 September 2018 marked his final day with the Shire of Merredin - a whopping 40 years exactly to the day since he commenced with the Shire in 1978.

Motzie has amazingly only worked 4 different jobs during his entire working career. As a young man he completed an apprenticeship in carpentry before heading to Kalgoorlie to work on the mines and then coming back to Merredin to work in railway construction. 

When Motzie started with the Shire in 1978 Merredin was very different. His role has always been to look after Merredin's sporting grounds and over the years he has seen facilities come and go including the grandstand where the Leisure Centre is today and the Railways sporting grounds in South Merredin. 

For the majority of his 40 years of service with the Shire of Merredin he worked alone but activities like Thursday night basketball kept him going although Motzie did admit that Fridays could prove to be particularly difficult to get through, especially if his team had a win! In the early years his uniform consisted of stubbies, thongs and a loose shirt - very different from today’s standards of wear which is all about PPE. 

His final task on his last day was to carry out the claying of the cricket pitch at the Merredin Leisure Centre grounds. It’s a job he’s executed many times during his career with the Shire. At least 8 cricket teams existed in Merredin Shire in 1978. Today it’s just 1 but that didn’t change the level of care with which Motzie carried out this task one final time. 

Motzie and his wife, Thelma, are set to retire to the south coast. Thelma is determined to get Motzie to settle down a bit and enjoy his retirement but the man himself is not so sure. 

“Some part time work is probably on the cards,” he agreed conspiratorially when asked. 

The Shire sincerely wishes Motzie and Thelma the best of luck in the next chapter of their lives. Motzie has been an exemplary employee and the Shire will be hard pushed to replace him. 

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