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Published: Tuesday, 2 April 2019 at 9:14:51 AM

Congratulations to the Merredin Show Committee and all the many volunteers who helped to put on a fabulous 100th Merredin Show. Yes – it was the centenary of the show this year! A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes every year to ensure this event is a success so the Shire thanks the Merredin Show Committee, the volunteers and everyone who had a hand in bringing this event to the people of Merredin and outer communities.

If you didn’t manage to make it to the show then you missed out on a huge array of stalls, side show alley, art exhibits, several dance performances, a fiery whip show, live music, fireworks, tonnes of delicious food, ice-skating and plenty more. There was something for everyone at the 2019 Merredin Show with plenty of new exhibits and entertainment to enjoy.

The Shire participated with a stall this year that had a focus on a bit of fun in addition to the promotion of upcoming events, recent news and the re-development of Apex Park. The Shire gave away some balloons to passing children in addition to lollipops and enjoyed running a ‘Guess the Number of Lollies in the Jar’ competition. There were 100 guesses available ranging from 250 – 349 lollies in the jar. A very big congratulations to Cassandra Cervantes for her guess of 304 lollies.

We had many ratepayers and even some non-Merredin residents stop by for a chat with Councillors and Staff throughout the day. It was pleasing to talk about a wide variety of topics with many different community members. We received some feedback on areas of improvement and ratepayer concerns that we will look into and it was also pleasing to hear some positive feedback on recent events and actions the Shire has been taking. Council is always keen to receive feedback at any time as it helps us to ensure we are engaging with the community and it also makes sure that we are aware of issues that may have not previously have been brought to the Shire’s attention.

Thank you to everyone that engaged with our elected members and staff on the day. Council looks forward to the 2020 Merredin Show.

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