What do I need Council approval for?

What plans and forms do I need to submit with a building license application?

What does an application for building license cost?

How do I dispose of asbestos?

What is the largest shed size I can build in the townsite of the Shire of Merredin?

What do I need to do to install a swimming pool?

What do I need to know about fencing around swimming pools?

Does the Shire of Merredin have any fencing local laws?

How do I find out the town planning zoning of property within the Shire of Merredin?

How do I obtain permission to subdivide or amalgamate my land?



    With the 30th June rapidly approaching, the Shire felt it was timely to remind the community how our rates work in Merredin.

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    ANZAC DAY 2018

    Official proceedings for ANZAC Day 2018 commenced with people accumulating one by one in the darkness to await the dawn. As the sky lightened in the east the lilting tunes of bagpipes broke the air and the Australian Army Band Perth appeared.

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