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Weather Update – 6 May 2020 🌩ī¸

Published on Wednesday, 6 May 2020 at 12:02:15 PM

The rain over the last two days is a welcome relief for our farming community as the seeding season starts.

Unfortunately, the storm has caused some damage to the Merredin Regional Community & Leisure Centre. A roof gutter blocked by a stray football caused water to come in through the ceiling. This has been temporarily rectified; however, the centre is well on the way to being ‘dried out’.

Storm damage and flooding caused to a number of buildings on Barrack and Main Street were a result of blocked roof gutters on private property and were managed yesterday by the SES, with no further call outs overnight.

There was some localized flooding in town. The Eastern end of the CBD carpark experienced surface flooding. This is a known issue caused by the lack of capacity of the drainage system under the car park. The water drains away slowly, but by this morning the water had mainly disappeared. Future upgrades of that area will need to address this issue. Unfortunately, some people did get wet feet retrieving their cars after the worst of the rain had blown through.

There was also some other surface flooding in other parts of the town. The main drain along the railway line takes the water from the large catchment on the south side of the highway. This behaved as expected and filled up quite quickly. The water drained away fairly quickly as the rain eased.

Rural gravel roads are closed for at least 24 hours to traffic over 4.5t (except school buses). We are aware that not all gravel roads have been affected to the same degree and will get them open again as soon as possible.

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