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Online Form - Strategic Community Plan Feedback

The Strategic Community Plan is a long-term planning document that sets out the community’s vision, aspirations for the future, and the key strategies we will need to focus on to achieve our aspirations. It is part of our fulfilment of the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework. All Local Governments in Western Australia are required to implement IPR which enables robust decision-making.

The Plan will be used to:

▪ Guide Council decision-making and priority setting
▪ Engage local residents and ratepayers, local businesses, community groups, and other local stakeholders that contribute to the future of our community
▪ Inform decision-making with respect to other partners and agencies, including the State Government and other Local Governments in our region
▪ Provide a clear avenue to pursue funding and grant opportunities by showing how projects align with the vision and strategic direction outlined in this Plan
▪ Inform future partners of our key priorities, and the ways in which we seek to grow and develop
▪ Provide a framework for monitoring progress against the community’s vision and aspirations

Read the Plan by clicking the document below.