Ranger Services

The Shire Ranger can investigate compliance within the community with the various local laws adopted by Council including - parking, thoroughfares, dogs, local government property, fencing and health.  The Shire of Merredin generally only investigates complaints where full contact details are provided.  The Shire maintains complainant details as confidential, however, these are subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.  

Ranger Services Contact Details 
Council Offices Cnr King and Barrack St, Merredin
Postal Address PO Box 42, Merredin WA 6415
Phone 0400 240 787
Email ranger@merredin.wa.gov.au

The Ranger provides services to three (3) Wheatbelt Shires – Merredin, Westonia and Nungarin.

Dog Information

Under the provisions of the Dog Act 1976, all dogs within the Shire over the age of three months must be registered. Registration is carried out at the Shire offices during normal office hours and is available for 1 year and 3 year periods, commencing on November 1st each year.

All dogs must be contained on an owner's property or held on a lead at all times. The Shire of Merredin is concerned by the incidence of dogs roaming at large and your cooperation in registering and maintaining control of your dogs will be appreciated.

Substantial penalties may be imposed for non compliance with dog control legislation.

Click here to download print versions of the posters below.

Dog and Cat Registration Prices

 Dog and Cat Registration Prices
Sterilised 1 Year $20.00
3 Years $42.50
Lifetime $100.00
  • Pensioner Concession Card holders are eligible to receive a 50% concession off the above fees
  • Working dogs are 25% of the above fees.

You can download and complete the following forms before coming in to see us if you prefer:

Pound Services

Dogs and cats will be held in the pound for a period of 5 days

Please be aware that before releasing a dog or cat from the Pound, payment of the below fees must be made at the Shire Administration Centre during office hours (8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday). The dog or cat must also be registered or additional infringements will apply.

The Pound Fees are:

  • Dog Impounding Fee - $75.00
  • Release Fee - $50.00
  • Sustenance Fee - $20.00 per day impounded

Off Road Vehicles

Please note that off road vehicles driven on roads and footpaths is an illegal activity which should be reported to police.


Council has Parking Local Laws, which designate specified areas for restricted parking. Disabled parking areas are also designated. These laws also make it illegal to park on footpaths or restrict access to public thoroughfares. Please note that compliance with Council’s Parking Local Laws is compulsory.

It is against the law to park or stop in a parking area for people with disabilities unless the driver or the passenger is a person with disabilities and is displaying an ACROD sticker. Disobeying this law is an offence and an infringement will be issued to any vehicle parked in a disabled bay failing to display an ACROD sticker.

Camping in Reserves

Council does not allow camping in reserves other than those designated.

Local Laws

Council has a variety of local laws. Click here for more information.

Fire Regulations

Council has regulations pursuant to the Bush Fire Act with regard to fire control. These include specifications on firebreaks and restricted burning dates.

The Restricted Burning Period runs:

18 September 2017 to 31 October 2017 and
17 February 2018 to 16 March 2018.

The Prohibited Burning Period runs:

1 November 2017 to 16 February 2018. 

Harvest Bans

Shire of Merredin issues Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans in accordance with the Bush Fires Regulations 1954. The ban will be imposed when the Chief Fire Control Officer believes that the use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery during the prohibited burning times is likely to cause a fire or contribute to the spread of a bushfire.

To find out if there has been a Harvest Ban imposed please call the Harvest Ban Hotline on (08) 9041 2999. You can also be added to the Harvest Ban SMS notification list by contacting (08) 9041 1611.

Total Fire Ban

A Total Fire Ban will be declared by Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) when extreme weather conditions are likely to result in a high risk of bushfire, or if existing bushfires are stretching fire-fighting resources. A Total Fire Ban prohibits the lighting of any fires in the open air as well as any other activities that may start a fire. This includes open air fires for the purpose of cooking or camping, incinerators, welding, grinding, soldering or gas cutting.

To find out if DFES has imposed a Total Fire Ban you can visit the DFES website.

Information on bushfire safety can be viewed at DFES Fire Chat.

For further information you can contact:

Chief Bush Fire Control Officer Stephen Crook 0429 411 429
Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer John Flockart 0428 469 018
Merredin Fire Control Officer Kim Friis 0400 240 787
Merredin Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service (08) 9041 2522
Harvest Ban Hotline (08) 9041 2999 


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