Our Towns

Shire of Merredin Townships

  • Burracoppin
  • Hines Hill
  • Merredin
  • Muntadgin

Shire of Merredin Localities

  • Goomarin
  • Korbel
  • Nangeenan
  • Nokanning
  • Norpa
  • Nukarni
  • South Burracoppin
  • Tandegin



Distance from Merredin - 25kms east on the Great Eastern Highway.
Facilities - Wheat siding, Burracoppin Hotel, recreation facilities.

In the early quarter of the 1900's Burracoppin was the main depot for the Rabbit Proof Fence. All gates through the fence and wells for the fence runners (those who look after the fence) were numbered from this town. For example, the Ten Mile gate was ten miles north of Burracoppin.


Distance from Merredin - 20kms west on the Great Eastern Highway.
Facilities - Wheat siding, TransWA station (pick up and set down if bookings made), Hines Hill Tavern, historic weighbridge.


Distance from Merredin - 56kms south east of Merredin, off the road to Narembeen.
Facilities - Wheat siding, Muntadgin Hotel with accommodation and meals available, Playground and Park Picnic area, Golf Course and recreation facilities.

The town celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2005.

If you have additional historical information on the localities within the Merredin Shire and would like to submit it, we would welcome your communication.


Here are a selection of maps for the townsite of Merredin, the Shire of Merredin and the south west of Western Australia which you can download.

Map of South West Western Australia

Merredin in Western Australia


Map of the Central Wheatbelt

Central Wheatbelt


Map of Merredin town

Merredin town


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