Skate Park Renovations

Posted on: Friday, 12 May 2017 at 5:05:53 PM

Merredin Skate Park will be undergoing renovations during May. It will be closed for use while the track is being repaired and painted. Local users of the track and those with an interest in urban art are invited to the 3-day art project. 

Friday 19 May (3:30pm - 6:30pm) - participants will meet at Avon Youth to design the graphics for the skate park. Participants will be supplied with a light dinner. Bring your sketchbooks, drawings and other art images you like. This help the artists understand what your personal style is.

Saturday 20 May (9:00am) - Meet at the Merredin Skate Park (Apex Park) at 9:00am and help bring your designs to life! You will be working with awesome artists who will show you some new skills. No experience necessary! Don’t forget to bring some painting clothes, sunscreen, hat and water.

Sunday 21 May (9:00am) - Meet at the Merredin Skate Park at 9:00am to finish off the artwork from the previous day. Once finished you can step back and admire your wicked art skills! Remember to bring painting clothes, sunscreen, hat and water.



This 3-day project is for girls and guys aged 12 years and up who have an interest in urban street art and the skate park. No artistic experience is necessary, just a fun and creative attitude!


Artists Dan Duggan and Daz Hutchens will be there to help guide the participants through the design and painting of the artworks.


On design night (Friday) participants should bring a sketch book or paper, drawing media and comfy clothes. On painting days (Saturday and Sunday) they will need painting clothes, sunscreen, hat and water.


The Skate Park will be closed for use from Monday 15 May to Monday 21 May during this project. The track will be high pressure cleaned and sealed to create the best painting surface for the design. Any skating on the track will destroy the surface and the paint won’t adhere to the track.


To register for this 3-day project or for more info contact Lee Holben on 9041 1611 or

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