Development Services

*Please note; the information on this page is currently under review. Queries should be forwarded to the Shire of Merredin on 9041 1611

The development services section of the Shire of Merredin administers various statutory functions of the local government in the fields of environmental health and safety, building, town planning, waste management and ranger services.

The development services section is also responsible for capital building works, building maintenance, use and occupation of Council's built environment and maintenance of public facilities.

We invite you to peruse the development services section to gain an understanding of the role local government plays.

Staff Details

Executive Manager of Development Services: -
Building Project Manager: John Gearing
Swimming Pool Manager: John Simmonds
Ranger: Kim Friis
Environmental Health Officer: Rebecca Bowler

Services Provided

Environmental Health

  • Food safety
  • Waste management
  • Recycling
  • Pest control
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Lodging houses
  • Public buildings
  • Property compliance
  • Infectious diseases
  • Public swimming pool inspections and monitoring

Building Surveying

  • Building licenses
  • Building inspections of construction sites the subject of Shire building licenses
  • Demolition licenses
  • Property enquiries
  • Private swimming pool inspections
  • Fencing

Town Planning

  • Planning applications
  • Planning approvals
  • Town planning zoning
  • Administration and review of Town Planning Scheme No.1
  • Development of Local Planning Strategy
  • Home occupation licenses
  • Liaise with Council's town planning consultants
  • Extractive industries

Ranger Services

  • Dog control
  • Litter abatement
  • Administration of various local laws including – parking, thoroughfares, dogs, local government property, fencing and health
  • Firebreak notice administration
  • Animal welfare

Building Construction

  • Council capital works projects
  • Merredin Regional Community and Leisure Centre
  • Public building upgrades
  • Public facility refurbishments

Building Maintenance

  • Maintenance of all Council's built infrastructure
  • Repairs to public facility amenities

Local Law Administration

  • Bee Keeping
  • Bush Fires Brigades
  • Cemeteries
  • Dogs
  • Extractive Industries
  • Fencing
  • Health
  • Local Govt Property
  • Parking
  • Pest Plants
  • Thoroughfares-Trading-Stalls


  • Cleaning of Council public facilities
  • Cleaning of Council public amenities
  • Cleaning of Council public buildings


Executive Manager of Development Services

Phone: (08) 9041 1611
Fax: (08) 9041 2379

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